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Protect Your Network From Intruders With Who Is On My Wifi

By Reka Gimbi

On Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wifi is a wireless technology that allows an electronic devise to exchange data and connect to the internet. Now you can know what we are talking about when we say 'who is on my wifi'.

In my office there is a wifi network connection and sometimes the internet goes slow, this is due to the many people connected to that wifi. It has a password but you sweet-talk the IT guy to connect you and access the free wifi. This led to many people connected to the wifi thus slowing the internet.

To keep your surfing fast you have to limit the number of computers you connect to the wifi. With who is on my wifi you can detect when an intruder makes access to your wifi. This you can notice when your surfing becomes unusually slow. This software is good in that you can be able to use your wifi you and you alone. Once you download and instal it will run properly on your PC or mobile.

Who is on my wifi is a software which can detect when your wifi connection is being used by someone and has the power to determine who the intruder is. When someone knows you are connected to who is on my computer be assured that there will be no intruders because many people do not like shame. And because there are computers which accept many networks you can establish permission to identify them. Who is on my wifi accepts all networks, business or home use.

The first time you open this application many PCs will appear connected but do not worry because you just have to check and this will help you detect any intruder because it will not be in the accepted list. The best part is that even if the PC was connected and removed you will still know because of its feature of the last IP address which will appear when you check.


  • Power to detect and identify who used or is using your wifi
  • Only needs downloading and installing then it will start working immediately
  • Accepts all networks be for at home or for business use
  • Power to block unwanted and illegal computer connected to your wifi


  • If you buy a new computer and connect it can detect it as unwanted since it is new to the application.
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It is the Most Ideal Network Security Especially Made for Wireless Connections

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nowadays, wireless Internet connections has become popular all over the world, but actually some of them don’t have idea on how to protect their wireless connection from some network intruders who wants to connection with their connection. Actually, with this kind of problem you only need is to install this wonderful application in your computer and this application is called Who Is On My Wifi. This application is a pretty simple tool that can easily detect devices that are connected with your wireless network, so you will check if the connected devices are authorized or not. This program allows you to block any computer or devices in connecting with your wireless network. Most of all, this program really works in any version of Windows OS. All in all, Who Is On My Wifi is the most ideal internal security that can monitor system that can be used in any businesses, whether it is a small, medium or even a large business.


  • It can perform real-time scanning
  • It allows you to block any devices


  • The user interface is too simple
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By Shikoh Kariuki

On Thursday, September 11, 2014

This application will show every device that is being used by your network. Once it discovers there are unwanted guests it blocks them from accessing your network, the urge for this latest generation is the need to have access to affordable internet where intruders may invade since data usage may be expensive.

The downloader at times slows down when you have this application and this is because of devices that have invaded your network that aren’t allowed to use it. By avoiding this it slows down the speed then you you have to accept them. It is easy to install and has both basic and advanced functions. The best thing once it detects who is connected to your network, it also determines who the user is. If you have your own company you will be able to establish employees who plug their laptops or other devices on your network. It creates security for your network hence it is recommended for most companies.


  • It creates security of your network.
  • It blocks unwanted guests in your network.


  • The installation process takes too long.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • We need this to fully manage the access control for my wireless network so that we can ban unwanted as well as unauthorised connections access.

  • controlling the user connected to my wifi so that i can control the use of internet and thus can be reduce the usage charges instead. this will help me

  • security from other hackkers who are unknowingly using my wifi network and makking my network very slow and bad downloading speed i hope this may usefull

  • For restricting my wifi, as a lot of family relative are using it to access internet, sometimes, i have to disconnect some user so i can continue to surf the web seamlessly

  • to monitor my siblings usage as well as to negate users from using it during our open house. im playing my ranked and i get lagged out due to this reason

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have tested this free version of zamzom but that did not work out for me. So all morning I have been perusing the internet on-line to see what applications can show me

  • wifihacker whic is superb yaar, what can i say its awesome really you should try it all the way down stree in the house of cards game of thrones

  • not any other software used by me currently. this is first software i will try to control my wifi i don't know who and many users connected.

  • i have used the lan method to run my cyber aqnsd it has helped me so much and i have benefited in making my work easier. ihave dcided to take another one.

  • no programs have been used before it is the first time to try a software like this and i hope it will get its results thanks very much for allowing me

What do you like most about this program?
  • this is free and easy to use .its rating is good.available on a https site.easily access.no charge is taken for the trial version.i wanna say thank to you.

  • options are very good in this software i will keep a track that who are using my wifi without my permission first time i am going to try this

  • i would like the program if i could block some users from accessing my internet connection and slowing it down because i want it for myself.

  • Just want to check how this with our router and environment. Once its give full controll over wi fi then realy its best easy app. Hope we dont get dispointed

  • learning about the wifi options and learn whos steal my gbs and go to him and give him some kick lqkjdnhckjlacsnacas,mcasncsncjsdncjsndc,mnzxcm s xkx skx sk


Who Is On My Wifi can detect if someone else is connected to your WiFi network and determine who the user is. This free Internet utility is quite simple and is designed for being used by every kind of user, allowing you to test and properly manage the computers you want connect to your home network.

If you use a WiFi router in your home, you will notice that the download speed may slow down on occasion. This can be due to an irregular connection, or due to rogue laptops that have connected to your Internet network without your permission. To avoid this, you can establish permissions to save computers that are accepted on your network, and identify them.

You can block all kind of users and detect their computers in different ways

This software is handy for all kinds of networks, either your home network or for your business - it will function the same. The main feature of this utility is the possibility of securing your connection to your computer only, expelling hackers and non-identified users. This way you can block all kind of users and detect the presence of their computer on your network connection.

Get full control of your network

Once you open the utility you will find a list of connected computers. At first, all PCs will appear as unknown systems in the test, so if you identify them, just check this option. If any new computer becomes connected to your network, the application will notify you immediately to check the identity of the new user. The application's list includes useful information such as the last IP address of a connected computer, as well as the name and NIC manufacturer.

This simple application for your Windows system has just a few toggle options. In the settings menu, you will find some options such as the IP Range test scan process. Who Is On My Wifi does not require you to configure it to work - with a simple download and installation, it will run properly on any Windows-based computer.

Check the IP Address range
Check the IP Address range

Who Is On My Wifi 2.0.1 Features

Check out the main features of this download that are listed below:

  • Simple application for the advanced management of your home and business network, in just a couple of clicks
  • Take control of your Internet speed connection and check how many computers are connected to your WiFi router at any time
  • Real-time scanning of all computers connected to the network, allowing you to ban intruders to your network
  • Complete log with all relevant information about connected devices, such as the computer's full name, digital signature and IP address
  • Allows you to block any computer connected to your network as long as you have the permission to manage your network

Feel free to check the official website through the following link for more information about this utility.

Check the computers connected
Check the computers connected

System Requirements

Here you can check the specifications for your system to run Who Is On My Wifi:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 or later
  • Processor: Pentium II 200 MHz or faster
  • Memory: 32 MB RAM
  • HDD: 5 MB Free space on disk