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For what are you going to use the program?
  • maintain the HDD of my laptop which is using Windows 10 and i think that iobit software is very useful tool for defragmentation od the files


Iobit Smart Defrag 3 is a basic utility to maintain your system’s health, help increase your computer’s speed and offer quick access to your files. Defragging your disk will correctly manage the free blocks you have in your drive, as well as putting together whole archives that have been dispersed in to different fragments. Thanks to the superior performance of this defrag utility, you will be able to recover the speed your computer as well, since it increases the start boot time.

Developed by award-winning software creator Iobit, the application can quickly perform its main task in just a couple of minutes, depending on the state of your drive. The analysis provides an advanced view of your hard disk, showing all the blocks available. Each block represents different states, such as free space, unmovable fragments, and sorted by frequency of use.

Thanks to the performance of this defrag utility you will recover the speed your computer used to have

Maintaining your computer will ultimately provide you with a better performance in all aspects. The boot-up speed will increase, since it eliminates the separation between main system files, which is what is required for a quick start. Since it is very simple program, you won't be required to have an advanced knowledge in order to keep your system in good shape. As an optimization tool, Iobit Smart Defrag 3 will rely on accelerating the process of defragmentation, managing the process smoothly and without messing with the performance of your system whilst the program works.

Check your Hard Drive status
Check your Hard Drive status

Additional functions

This new version of Iobit’s software works natively on Windows8/8.1 without any kind of problem. This way, you can have your disks defragged on this system quickly, since it works exactly the same way. The program offers an option to keep working actively with the Automatic Defrag function, and there is no additional download required for this. You won’t need to run it by yourself; the program will run as a silent process when it is required.

The security of your system is granted thanks to its Safe Intelligence technology, which protects the health and the life of your drive by checking when is needed to run another defragging process. In case you have a new SSD (Solid-State Drive) remember that it is not necessary to run a defrag process.

CPU performance test
CPU performance test

Iobit Smart Defrag Features

Here you can find the main features of this system utility:

  • Save time in your defrags thanks to Iobit’s fast engine which allows for quick analysis and drive defragmentation
  • Safety enhanced thanks to its Safe Intelligence system which analyzes the state of your disk in order to keep it running smoothly
  • Iobit Smart Defrag 3 is light on system resources, does not slow down your computer whilst working and does not require additional files to download
  • Choose between several defrag modes according to your needs in that moment, fast optimization or slow and thorough defrag
  • Increases the speed of your computer’s boot time as well as it prioritizes files according to their importance

If you want to learn more about this application before the download, check its developer’s website through the following link.

System Requirements

Check the necessary specifications for your system to run Iobit Smart Defrag:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 or later
  • Processor: Pentium 133 MHz or faster
  • Memory: 32 MB RAM
  • HDD: 28.5 MB Free space