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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I am going to use it for personal purpose. I have interest in making new music and my own podcasts so it wold be a great software to help me.

  • i will use this program for my personal use like school projects, home recording and others uygfytcfdudvd 6yuyufuytfguybri uriyufiyufitdtfiyufo

  • personal musical composition entertainment, replace the version I had on a prevbious computer that crashed so hopefully this is enough to satisfy the length for downloading

  • for home using and I want it for my self be cause its a good software for change music format to other formats now please let me to download it

  • for my home use and entertainment. I love to sing my self so thought of giving it a try. and goin through the reviews i came across this software

What similar programs have you used?
  • We have used Sony sound forge 7 and earlier versions successfully and like the program so we want to continue using it. Not sure what else so

  • Adobe flash CS4 professionals alot and lot more like that sha buh i wanna b a better graphics desifnher in the nearset futere so i love you all

  • Sony Sound Forge Pro 11 for windows. ultimate experience. Yes! But i hope y ours will be smarter and worth buying as the cost of Sony is High

  • sound forge 1 is the only one i believe and i loved it unfortunatly that computer crashed so im excited to try this one hope it works with windows 10 if not can you email me link at

What do you like most about this program?
  • I like it because best this is easy to use and make good sound with many options to work it in all windows systems. I hope that will help me

  • this is very good programme for using audio recording and down load good quality studio andl also easy for new user such as lerning in singing

  • The possibility of altering Key Change with songsthatbelong toeither female artists and adapting it to a male key, for vocal range difference

  • i would like to use this software i crack but no problem i can manage trial version also so that because im happy to downloading trial thanks

  • not sure yet need to wait and see just trying to fill in the blanck for me to be able to download hello hows your day going mine is greate ok


Sound Forge or Sony Sound Forge, initially created by Sonic Foundry and sold to Sony Pictures Digital in 2003, has been developed by Sony Creative Software. This download is an audio studio that you can try for free, and which provides the user with a huge number of audio tools for editing and mastering music.

This program allows you to create pieces with excellent quality because it is intended to be a professional tool; in fact, it is called Sound Forge PRO for a reason! Sony has also thought about the end user for this download; that’s why it also specifically designed Sound Forge Audio Studio. Both versions will allow you to capture sounds live, edit the sounds, and improve them, even to share the final work. Feel free to create your own sounds and to improve pieces already downloaded.

Easily zoom in to files to facilitates the editing
Easily zoom in to files to facilitates the editing

How to use

The most interesting function of this program is the powerful editor that works in steps by Events, and that allows you to swiftly zoom in and out of files. Latest version includes the option to make Zoom Time. It offers compatibility with high resolution files, which you can modify with simple actions and drag and drop functions. Apply a noise gate and clean a record, unify the volume with Sony Wave Hammer or synchronize audio with video. Extract audio from a CD; make audio capture from decks or tape players. Sound Forge supports multiple common and complex formats and includes numerous plugins and effects.

the option to take advantage of some tools from ACID Pro

The recording tool has a remote window, which is very useful to record voice-over, because the announcer can read the text from other software while controlling the recording process via a small window. Restore imperfect tracks by removing clicks, pops and noises; or adding effects and dynamics process such as EQ, Compressor, Delay, Reverb, etc.

It also offers formats ideal for compatibility with mobile devices, iTunes or Internet sites. You will be able to create your podcast, form recordings and editing, to mastering your pieces. The professional version offers multichannel options, to record, edit and analyze. It also offers the option to take advantage of some tools from ACID Pro, for the creation of loops or the use the grid for superior visualization.

Making Zoom Time
Making Zoom Time

Sound Forge 10.0.507 Features

Below you will find the most important characteristics of Sound Forge Pro 11:

  • Advanced recording tools. With capabilities to make a live recording and to capture sound from tapes and vinyl records. Sound Forge Pro 11 includes an enhanced recording system that provides new and advanced functions such as working with pre-roll and post roll, monitoring unarmed channels, waveform views, etc.
  • Multichannel functionalities. It offers the option to record up to thirty-two channels and for editing, processing and saving with precision; to display spectrum multichannel analysis and supporting multichannel formats
  • Great communication and compatibility with ACID Pro and SpectraLayers Pro 2 and it comfortably supports a professional workflow
  • Fully Customizable. Adapt the layouts and the interface to your. This flexibility is useful for professionals providing a comfortable and smooth working system
  • Background work. During the rendering, you can work on other tasks
  • Numerous tools and effects. It offers more than 40 effects, and it has plenty of plugins, such as compressors, limiters, dynamics managers, noise gating, looping generators, effects processors, and sound repairers among others
  • Creating karaoke tracks. Vocal Eraser plugin lets you remove vocals from songs
  • Free tutorials. Developer’s official website offers video tutorials, especially for Sound Forge Audio Studio
  • Share. Convert your creation to an MP3 or FLAC file and share it online

To obtain more information about this software before you download it, check the official site of the developer .

System requirements

The basic system requirements for correct operation are the following:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista, Service Pack 2 or later
  • Processor: Intel, AMD or Mac of 1 GHz
  • RAM Memory: 512 MB
  • Graphic Card: compatible with DirectX 9.0c
  • Sound Card: compatible with Windows
  • HDD Space: 500 MB
  • DVD and CD-recordable drive are required