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A software to update all your system hardware’s drivers easily and automatically

By Kyle Daniels

On Friday, January 16, 2015

Have you ever wondered if all the drivers of your laptop or desktop’s hardware were updated? Then you’re not alone. I’ve always wanted to make sure that my computer system’s drivers to be always updated for a number of important reasons. One of them is that updated drivers usually means more efficient power consumption for the system, which means better battery life. Another is that the hardware’s functions are more optimized and will operate better with other system hardware, translating to a more efficient computer system.

DriverMax is one of the available software applications that checks and updates your system’s hardware drivers. The software’s user interface is intuitive and similar to the Windows 8 operating system’s interface. The software’s functions are shown in colored panels and these include scanning for updates, setting configuration, driver back up and restore, among other functions. After scanning, the main interface will show the number of outdated drivers and you can then click on this notice to view additional details. You can also choose to back up drivers and compress them in one super file.

Straightforward and intuitive, DriverMax is an excellent system driver updating software that you need to have installed in your system.


  • Easy to use software interface
  • Can compress drivers into one file


  • Truly a useful and nifty software, no disadvantage comes to mind
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • To update drivers for my ram and proccessor. there not showing a listing in my device manager.its hard to know what my machine can do ; when 1\2 the devices aren't listed.

  • check for old drivers on my laptop computer as it is not running as fast as it can in games mode and the graphics driver needs updating as well

  • Have just installed Windows 10 pro x64 and have problems with mz HP 2210. The OS is reporting a driver problem so I hope DRIVERMAX will find a solution, which it has done in other cases formerly

What do you like most about this program?
  • Latest Software Version, it allows a user to update different ports and functions which increase the speed and makes it enjoyable to use computer.

  • A.that i can download free drivers at no cost what so ever with out any viruses being download to my computer which is very good and excellent

  • that i can download free drivers at no cost what so ever with out any viruses being download to my computer which is very good and excellent


DriverMax is a driver manager and updater for your computer which handles and manages the installed version you have in your system and checks for recently released updated ones. This software provides the necessary elements for optimizing your hardware thanks to new controllers that can solve several issues relating to the performance of your system. DriverMax can download drivers for all your components, improving their functions, depending on the official developers, through certain update installations.

Viewing its interface resembles the Windows 8 style tiles with its options available through different boxes. Despite it being very visual, it is not as intuitive as it should be. There are some options included that you will have to guess how they work, like the Popular Hardware section that, though it is very informative, just redirects you to the developers’ website.

This software provides the necessary elements for optimizing your hardware

Having used DriverMax, we can state that it is software with plenty of room for improvement. There are some problems which can only be overcome through upgrading to a pro membership, but it is not what we are looking for in a freeware application. Although it provides interesting functions like the previously mentioned Popular Hardware list, or the backup and restore option, its main purpose could be greatly enhanced by getting rid of certain limitations.

Check the Metro style interface
Check the Metro style interface

Additional uses

DriverMax is very handy for gathering comprehensive information about your computer. Although there are better programs than this one for performing this action, DriverMax does it just fine. Additionally, you can create backup files of your current system settings before downloading and installing new components, since you don’t know for sure if they will really correct the issues you are looking for to solve. If you find that the previous one works better with the previous driver on your computer, you can get it reinstalled very easily.

The main function of this driver updater is to get the last version of your system components. In order to perform that, you have to scan the computer looking for outdated hardware elements. Then, a list with the old versions will be shown so you can install the new ones. This step is not done automatically, so you will be requested to select each component one by one and then click on the download button. In order to complete the process, you must create a free account to get access to the file download.

DriverMax Features

Listed here you can find the main characteristics of DriverMax:

  • Straightforward scanning of your whole system, and then identification of each hardware component that must be updated with a new driver version
  • Long list of hardware elements with the main manufacturers for different Windows Operating Systems
  • Create backups in order to restore your system before installing new controllers in your system
  • It looks for unknown hardware you have installed in your computer and identifies all these new components
  • The application saves all the drivers you get in order to uninstall or reinstall them whenever you want

In case you want more information about this software, you can visit its official webpage through the following link.

List of the outdated driver versions
List of the outdated driver versions

System Requirements

Here you can check the specifications your system needs to run DriverMax:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Memory: 64 MB RAM
  • HDD: 10 MB free space on disk
  • Internet connection to download new drivers