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BeFunky Photo Editor Pro 1.0.4

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for editing my own pics not as a purpose of bussines and i wi be proud that to give me this oppurchunity and thanking u and nice meeting u b.vivek

  • edit my photos,make beautiful landscapes,creating unforgettable memories with my pictures,play and have fun with filters and effects that you offer

  • I am going to use the program to make amazing and eye catching covers for my novels on the site I'm hoping I like this software

  • b/w effect for profile jpg picture on fund me go fund me kind of crowdfunding immitation non profit quest for donations web site that must be ready

  • im going to use it as apart of my ministry for church where i take picture so i need this app to editing and design the picture God bless you

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have never used any photo editor for funny pictures.this will be my very first time and I am looking forward to experiment with it.thank you

  • i have nt used any program yet as 1 of my friends told me that this is very nice software on wich u can edit pics and make collage with lots of your friends

  • piccollage, befunly and nothing else im just writing this to make some space so it will let me download this cool photoshop app thats cool..

  • adobe photoshop and it is a good software for editing it can be used for various purposes like making a fake picture of someone just for fun

  • Fotor and GIMP are the only competing programs that I have used in the past. I am now anxious to try BeFunky for its creative filters to add interest to my pics

What do you like most about this program?
  • The saturation and hue and that type if effect thing WOULD love to find this for free l=so i can download not just open internet for it becuz i may forget the name

  • i like collage maker of befunky photo editor because it is easy to use and nice quality. I like themes and text design also resizer given by

  • It gets me all funky just like a monkey, and that's a really wonderful feeling to love banannas why are tyou making me wriye thsi I don't want to.

  • It's the best photo editing software that's out. Everything is right there at your fingertips and it's very easy to use! Definitely worth it.

  • the program is exciting fhj did Russia worldwide conventionalize video brought over sch insist instead uncontested abduction commercials instrumentalist promqueen horizontal


BeFunky is a picture-editor app for Web platforms and mobile devices. Completely coordinated with social media sites, the software let you retouch your pictures with thousands of effects and frames, and share them online with friends and the BeFunky community; and get points for your artistic methods or even make collages with your work.

BeFunky Photo Editor Pro was developed in 2007 by BeFunky Inc. in Istanbul (Turkey), and gained some importance thanks to its cartoonizer and Uvatar effects, to convert the user pictures into cartoons and avatars. The software has evolved into one of the best free photo editors, thanks to all the features it offers. Right now itn is competing with Instagram for the top position in the photo editors’ race.

Thousand exclusive effects and tools for your pictures
Thousand exclusive effects and tools for your pictures

How to use

Just take your picture, add some crazy effects, and share it online. As easy as it sounds, that is BeFunky—a nice application, completely user-friendly, with simple and effective ornaments for your photos. Six different kind of retouch modes: image manipulation, photo effects, artistic modifications, frames and text and sticker adds, to let your imagination go wild.

Completely free, BeFunky Photo Editor Pro lets yoiu get your pictures from your computer, social network (Facebook, Flicker, Picasa or Photobucket), or your webcamera. Once selected, a bunch of tools will be displayed, as in all photo software: crop, resize, blur or change colors or exposure; and once you finish, mix it with other pictures on the new collage maker. Save it on your computer to load it later, print it or even share it online.

BeFunky is competing with Instagram for the first position on the photo editor’s race

BeFunky Photo Editor Pro works perfectly with the most famous social networks, but it is also a social network in itself. The Explorer option of its website will show all the user's pictures divided into themes. Those pictures can be voted on by the rest of the users. BeFunky is also compatible with mobile devices and is a nice alternative to the Instagram download.

BeFunky Photo Editor Pro 1.0.4 Features

Check this online application's features:

  • Thousands of exclusive effects and tools for your pictures
  • Undo all your changes with no harm to the originals
  • Share your pics and make them public or private
  • Use the BeFunky gallery to look for cool photos organized by themes
  • Multiple frames for your work
  • Add text to your pictures
  • Collage maker
  • Social media platform to share your pictures and get points for them

For more information about the software after the free download, please check the developers’ website .

Collage maker
Collage maker

System requirements

Before downloading, please check that your computer fits the minimum system requirements:

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP
  • Processor: 1 GHz or better
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Graphics card: recommended resolution of 1024x768
  • Compatible with Explorer 8.0, Firefox 10.0 and Chrome 14.0 or higher
  • Flash Player must be installed on your computer

  • Really easy to use
  • Big online community
  • Totally integrated with social networks
  • Still not as popular as Instagram