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Feel Like A Professional In Editing Photos With Adobe Photoshop

By Beatrice Tan

On Monday, September 8, 2014

A lot of photo editors have been introduced in the market which undeniably provides tools that help anyone turn a simple photo into a more appealing one. With today’s generation, many tools or applications are being patronized by people but considering the outstanding features, there is only one name that stands out, the Adobe Photoshop.

The first time I used the first versions of Adobe, I was hesitant to use it because the layout of the application seemed to be complicated. However, this new version provides users a more simple and easy to edit features. For instance, resizing, application of filters and effects and balancing of colors on a picture are now easy to do. Another feature that I love about this application is that it gives users a free storage space so that they can save their photos and access it anytime they want. I really find it unique that the techniques are just amazing. Sharing my pictures to different social media sites is done so easy, letting my quality pictures be viewed by my friends.

This is definitely my favorite photo editor. It makes me feel like I’m a professional one. I highly recommend this to everyone and you should give it a try. I’m pretty sure everyone will love this.


  • It produces high quality pictures
  • It has multiple filters and tools


  • The performance sometimes slows down
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • making best quality photo's, i use this app to make images and earn some money for my studies and purchase my which i want to wish ever time

  • I need to edit photos to beautify the documentation project I am submitting to my superior. This application would help me impress my bosses

  • im going to use it for picturesfix photos crop,straghten,rotate,flip adjust color and remove red eye.adjust hue,brightness enhance in fun artistic ways.

  • im going to use it for editing pictures and putting them on my instagram page. i want the edits to be eye catching and extraordinary. im a photographer.

  • I want the photoshop express for personal use to edit my own photograph or my own photo album as it is a very excellent features in photo editing

What similar programs have you used?
  • pixlr photo editor, illustrator and many more incuding some online web based editors like image graphics etc etc. long ago would use pagemak

  • programs that i have used is adobe illustrator, lightroom and photoshop. just let me download it lol.. i dont know what to write about it anymore.

  • banner design studio, NCF which stands for Nector Care F, Canava, Fotor and banner s adobe photo shop clounding techniques and am a basic on

  • illustrator is almost uesd. but there are no any easy options like adobe photoshop so ther for i need to do my personnal workd to do in this one

  • gimp and paint adobe photoshop and many more but wanted to try something new to remove the background on my photos so have more professonal

What do you like most about this program?
  • i like every thing in photoshop . it is a very useful application to create beautiful picturesand we can also edit our images and can change color of image and many things we can do

  • beutiful effects and editing options and i love the way pictures come out post working on them via Adobe Photoshop Express. Looking forward to many more pictures.

  • removing spots, like black head, dark circle, effect, colour change, editing clones setup collage making, exelent image set up, painting, red eye removes automaticaly

  • it is an awesome easy to use program that delivers superbly for those who need to tweak their photos while on the move. its a great partner .

  • digital look of pictures spanning Distribution operations, Channel Management and B2B sales along with UAE driving license. I confidently managed and lead the Sales Department profitably.


The most famous name for photo editors jumps to online services and claims its throne for quick and fast retouching of reminders of precious moments. Not as complete as the full version, this online version still comes with a vast amount of typical photo tools and effects and 2Gb of free online space allowing you to save and share your pictures online and on the most important social media networks.

Multiple photo filters and effects
Multiple photo filters and effects

How to Use

To start using Adobe Photoshop Express, the first thing you have to do is register and create a personal account with Adobe ID. This process is typical for any of Adobe’s products, like Photoshop, Premiere or Illustrator. The account will give you some free cloud storage space where you can save your work and create online albums which you can access from anywhere.

As photo editor Photoshop Express is so much smaller than its big brother, this online app cannot work with layers and selections, or some other main functions Photoshop or other online photo editor apps. However PS Express has a unique technique to edit pictures and is capable of resizing, white balance control or applying a variety of other effects to the point where they have never been so easy to do.

PS Express has a unique technique to edit pictures. Re-size, white balance control or applying effects has never been this easy

The whole app is user-friendly and let's you work with any picture with no previous photo editing experience. Adobe Photoshop Express is the perfect solution for all of you who were scared of playing with Adobe’s more complex programs because of their lack of user-friendly techniques. This online program will help you to give the final touch to your memories and create photo galleries to look at and download on any computer or mobile device. Adobe Photoshop Express is compatible with all their new online suites, starting with Adobe Revel, Grouppix, Videobite and Elements 12 - Adobe’s initiative to get the rising online photo editing market and photo social networking lead with options such as Instagram, eMonkey, BeFunky or Pixlr.

Adobe Photoshop Express 3.5 Features

Check the latest features for this online software:

  • One of the best online photo editors
  • Free use of Adobe’s Cloud storage
  • Great image format support (RAW, TIFF, PSD, AVI, JPEG, MOV, PNG, GIF)
  • Multiple photo filters and effects
  • Professional quality pictures
  • Share your pictures via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Revel

Great image format support (RAW, TIFF, PSD, AVI, JPEG, MOV, PNG, GIF)
Great image format support (RAW, TIFF, PSD, AVI, JPEG, MOV, PNG, GIF)

System requirements

Adobe Photoshop Express is an online app which can be accessed from any computer and mobile device - just an Internet connection is needed to register and start using all the tools and effects. Note however that he photo editor can slow down if you apply too many changes to a picture.

For more information about this program before downloading it, please check developer’s website .

  • Save your pictures on Adobe’s Cloud storage
  • Easier than the full version
  • Full of effects
  • Free registration
  • Surprisingly limited with respect to other online editors